The Excel Church, South Croydon

22nd November 2019

We Are Much More Loved

Minister Emelia reminds us again just how we are much more loved when we accept what Christ has done for us and become born again. Is this favouritism towards us on God's part? No, instead having accepted what God has done for us we put ourselves in the position of being much more loved. Listen and accept just how much You are loved!

9th January 2020

Two Responses To The “Impossible” – Highly Favoured

Pastor David compares the difference between Zachariah’s response to receiving the news that his wife would be having a baby in her old age and Mary’s response to receiving the news that she, a virgin, would become pregnant with the Christ. We see the result of their responses and are reminded that like Mary we are also ‘highly favoured’.

9th January 2020

Two Responses To The “Impossible” – Consider Not

Pastor David continues his message by comparing the responses of Abraham and Sarah to the news that Sarah would become pregnant in her old age. We are also reminded that in order to have the right response to the Word of God that we should do as Abraham did and ‘consider not’ the physical things that appear to limit the possibility of the miracle we are desiring.

4th January 2020

The Will of God

The "Will of God" is a much spoken about topic in Christendom, with many books written to help Christians find it, but what exactly is the "Will of God"? Is it a specifically designed plan for each of our lives, that if missed means we are doomed to living a life less than intended? Does it mean knowing exactly what God wants you to do every moment of every day including what clothes to wear and what job to take? Pastor David explains the simplicity of the will of God, that it is not a mystery and that everyone can know it.