The Excel Church, South Croydon

21st November 2021

Hardened Heart: Keep Looking At Jesus

Pastor David continues our series on the Hardened Heart. We return to Mark 6 where the disciples are in the midst of a storm and have just seen Jesus who they perceived, at first, to be a ghost. We see how Peter stepped out of the boat to walk on the water! How amazing that a word from God can make the seemingly impossible, possible. Peter walked on the water to Jesus but then saw how boisterous the wind was and began to sink. We learn how when we take our eyes of Jesus, we become less spiritual/more carnal and this initiates the gradual "sinking". Brethren if you are sinking it is not too late to reach out and look at Jesus. When Peter cried out Jesus reached out to him. Make time for intimacy with Jesus, unbelief will decrease and you will walk on the water again.

21st November 2021

2 Peter 2:11-13 Brute Beasts

Minister Danielle continues in 2 Peter 2. We come to understand that the false prophets were brazen enough to speak against angels and that they were like brute beasts living according to their carnal instincts. They dared to mingle with true believers, taking advantage of their charity. These false prophets were destroying themselves by their destructive actions. I pray that these types of people have no influence in our lives and the we walk according to the righteousness we have been given, never appearing as spots or blemishes.

14th November 2021

God’s Response To Our Prayers

Pastor David shows us that the "Lord’s prayer" reveals the manner in which we should pray rather than a prayer to recite word for word. We also come to understand the nature of God who hears our prayers. It has been preached that we must be like the man who repeatedly knocked at his friend's door until he got what he wanted (see Luke 11:5-13). Is God really like that? Do we have to beg or irritate him into answering our prayers? God is not like that brethren! Listen and be encouraged to know that as a child of God, you are praying to a father who would withhold no good thing from you.

7th November 2021

Hardened Heart: Bid Me Come

Pastor David continues the series of the hardened heart. We see how despite the miracle of feeding the 5000 the disciples were still fearful of the storm in Mark 6. We learn that fear is the opposite of love and that if we know that God loves us, we know he also has our back and therefore have no need to be afraid. We see that the apostle Peter stepped out to walk on water and how by Jesus calling him to 'come', the laws of science were abolished. Pastor David encourages us to trust God and step out of our "boat". There were 12 disciples but only one dared to trust Jesus for the seemingly impossible. If we can just trust God we too can do what seems against our logical reasoning. Only when we take our eyes of Jesus do we start sinking.

31st October 2021

Hardened Heart: Take ‘Risks’ With God

Pastor David shows us the dilemma that the disciples experienced in Mark 6:4. The disciples were compelled by Jesus to "go to the other side' despite them knowing a storm was brewing. With this knowledge they still did as Jesus said and went, this is the difference between the actions of champions and that of people who fail. Brethren are you able to do what God says if he is telling you the opposite of what your expertise informs you? Let us be believers who will take God's word above our own opinion and trust God!

31st October 2021

Hardened Heart: Joints And Marrow

Pastor David continues the series of the hardened (stubborn) heart: we learn that the Word is so sharp that it can cut through any hardened heart of the man that opens up to it. We understand that the relationship between the soul and spirit is likened to that of joints and marrow and the spirit is the life-giving force within us. Brethren the foundation is laid for us to understand this powerful topic...

31st October 2021

2 Peter 2:7-10 – The Lord Knows How To Deliver The Godly

Minister Danielle continues teaching us from 2 Peter 2. We see how Lot was tormented daily by the conduct of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and how God delivered him. We also come to understand some of the type of things that can cause torment to the soul of the righteous. We learn that God considers sexual immorality as very serious and views those who despise authority whether it be physical or spiritual, as presumptuous. We thank God that he is able to deliver those who walk with him.