The Excel Church, South Croydon

9th January 2020

Two Responses To The “Impossible” – Consider Not

Pastor David continues his message by comparing the responses of Abraham and Sarah to the news that Sarah would become pregnant in her old age. We are also reminded that in order to have the right response to the Word of God that we should do as Abraham did and ‘consider not’ the physical things that appear to limit the possibility of the miracle we are desiring.

9th January 2020

Two Responses To The “Impossible” – Highly Favoured

Pastor David compares the difference between Zachariah’s response to receiving the news that his wife would be having a baby in her old age and Mary’s response to receiving the news that she, a virgin, would become pregnant with the Christ. We see the result of their responses and are reminded that like Mary we are also ‘highly favoured’.

26th September 2021

Under The Influence

The Excel Church advocates abstinence from alcohol, not with a law based mentality but simply because God tells us to not get drunk and there are no scriptures advocating us to drink. After all if you do not drink you cannot get drunk. Pastor David shows us through Ephesians 5:18 - 21 that we are advised not to get drunk (under the influence of alcohol) but instead we should be filled with the Spirit (under the influence of the Spirit). The apostle Paul then shows us how we can come under the influence of the Spirit. When we can make melody in our hearts, be thankful to God and submit to each other in reverence to God, we bring ourselves under the influence of God. This can be done wherever we are. So what will you allow to influence you? I pray brethren you choose the Spirit of God!

3rd May 2022

Understanding Leads to Transformation

Reading further from Mark 8:17-21, Pastor David illustrates that Jesus rebuked the disciples for their lack of understanding - distinguishing the differences between remembering vs understanding. This message, reveals the important role that understanding plays in transforming our lives. A life that remains unchanged by the Word reveals there's a lack of understanding.

4th July 2022

We Are A Chosen Generation

Minister Yinka, shines light on our identity in Christ. As believers we are a special people, we are royalty, a chosen generation. Nothing should hold us bound because we have Jesus, the precious stone within us. Brethren be encouraged! The one that others rejected, you have accepted and have become automatically qualified to be set aside for greatness!

22nd November 2019

We Are Much More Loved

Minister Emelia reminds us again just how we are much more loved when we accept what Christ has done for us and become born again. Is this favouritism towards us on God's part? No, instead having accepted what God has done for us we put ourselves in the position of being much more loved. Listen and accept just how much You are loved!

26th June 2022

We Must Walk by Faith

Pastor David reminds us that as believers we have used our faith to receive the greatest gift of salvation. We need to use this same faith to live out our lives. However, for some reason we switch of our faith and carnally walk out our lives relying on what we can see, touch and hear. God calls those things that are not as though they are, this is the God kind of faith. Brethren consider not the natural report but be fully persuaded in the power of God.