The Excel Church, South Croydon

5th May 2023

Phil 2:12-15 – The Goal to be Like Christ

Minister Danielle draws from Philippians 2:12-15 to encourage us to work out our salvation. This involves running the Christian race well, avoiding distractions and focusing on our goal of becoming like Christ. The Spirit helps us to do good things if we let Him, and when we submit to Him all the glory goes to God. So what does it mean to work out our salvation? We must put God first, choose humility over pride, operate in love, and ask ourselves WWJD (What would Jesus do). By doing God's will without grumbling or murmuring, we become blameless and harmless. Just as Jesus did not murmur or grumble when he went to the cross, we as his followers and lights in this dark world should also avoid operating in murmurings or disputes. Therefore, let us make sure that our choices, conversations, and decisions align with the Spirit, and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, we can resist the desire to murmur or grumble. By doing so, we will become more like our blameless and harmless Christ.

23rd April 2023

2 Corinthians 12: 5-9 – Depend On God’s Abundant Grace

Minister Patricia guides us through 2 Corinthians 12: 5-9, drawing lessons from Apostle Paul. Paul preferred to boast in his infirmities, which were not sicknesses but the trials and tribulations he endured for the gospel. He considered it an honour to suffer for Jesus Christ and embraced persecution rather than fleeing from it. Additionally, Paul teaches us that boasting about our accomplishments is foolishness and that we should prioritize truth and integrity. Minister Patricia also sheds light on the "thorn in the flesh" mentioned in the passage and inspires us with the reassurance that God's grace is sufficient for us inspite of our weaknesses and challenges.

23rd April 2023

Galatians 5:1 – Hold on to Your Freedom!

Minister Emelia encourages us with Galatians 5:1, reminding us that we are now under grace and no longer under the law. Instead of following old testament rules out of fear of punishment, we should act in faith because of what Jesus has done. Christ's work is sufficient, and we do not need to do anything extra to obtain righteousness. Believing otherwise is a trap of the enemy. Therefore, let us arm ourselves with the truth of the gospel and avoid falling back into a legalistic mindset.

16th April 2023

Romans 14:17-19 – Righteousness, Peace, Joy in the Holy Ghost

Pastor David explains how the Kingdom of God functions according to Romans 14:17 which states that "the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost". This implies that the principles of the law do not govern the Kingdom of God. Instead, righteousness characterizes the Kingdom of God. Through the work of Jesus, we have obtained the nature of God freely. However, since we consist of three parts, if the soul dominates the body rather than the spirit, we may not show a life that reflects righteousness, despite being righteous. We have been given the highest standard of righteousness possible which is why God looks at us and sees us as perfect. We must allow the spirit to dominate us so that we represent the kingdom of God through the exhibition of the righteousness given to us and to bring peace to our lives.

16th April 2023

Sons Not Servants

Can God possess both good and evil characteristics? Can he be both bitter and sweet? These are questions that often arise in Christian theology, as some believers believe that God permits negative events to occur for reasons beyond our understanding. This is a fundamental problem, not knowing the true nature of God. Pastor David shows us that God is only good and there is no darkness in Him at all. The reality is that God has already accomplished everything, and we have been granted the power to resist the forces of evil. The problem lies in our failure to confront and overcome the challenges we face. As believers, we are not merely servants but sons of God. Let us shake off this servant mentality and rise up as the sons we are.

16th April 2023

Colossians 4: 2 – Why Continue In Prayer?

Minister Emelia raises the question of why we should continue in prayer, citing Paul's encouragement to believers in Colossians 4:2. Prayer is our means of communicating with God and keeping our relationship with Him alive. It helps us to build a strong bond with God and sensitizes us to His voice. When we focus our minds on Jesus through prayer, we become more conscious of God's presence and are charged with His power. We have open access to God and can talk to Him about anything, anywhere, and at any time. God has a solution to every situation and loves us, so He can help us through any problem we may face. It is important to be alert and listen to God's response to our prayers. Therefore, prayer should not be seen as a mere religious act but rather as a means of communication in our relationship with God.

9th April 2023

1 Corinthians 15:56 – The Sting of Death is Gone!

On this resurrection Sunday, Pastor David helps us to reflect on 1 Corinthians 15:56, a verse from a larger passage in which the apostle Paul discusses the victory over death that Jesus Christ has achieved for believers through his resurrection. The verse reveals that sin is the root cause of the pain and fear associated with death and that the Mosaic law reveals the power of sin. However, Jesus' death and resurrection have fulfilled the requirements of the law, and those who trust in him can be freed from the power of sin and its sting. Pastor David also reminds us of Jesus' unwavering love and care for us, leaving no stone unturned in his desire to save us.

9th April 2023

Matthew 27: 50-57 – Truly This Is The Son Of God

On Easter Sunday, Pastor David uses Matthew 27:50-57 to demonstrate that Jesus was not an ordinary man. The earth reacted to his death and resurrection through earthquakes and tremors, and even graves opened, and saints were resurrected. This is the power of God, which lives within us. This is not the work of an ordinary man but of a powerful and extraordinary being - God himself. Brethren, let us remember that we have the almighty God dwelling within us, making us greater than even the prophets of old such as John the Baptist, Moses, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Let us, therefore, rise up, shake this world, and undermine the devil.

2nd April 2023

John 18:11-12 – Obey Yourself Or God?

In conclusion to our month of prayer, Pastor David guides us through John 18:11-12 where we observe Jesus as a tremendous role model. Despite his reluctance to endure the agony of separation from God, Jesus remained steadfast in fulfilling God's purpose. As followers of Jesus, we should prioritize the word of God above our own desires, even when it involves pain. Living a life that pleases God and is abundant in blessings requires us to surrender to His will. Pastor David also takes us through prayer points drawn from the scriptures. Listen and be blessed.

26th March 2023

1 Timothy 6:6-7 – True Contentment Is In God

Minister Yinka draws our attention to the teachings in 1 Timothy 6:6-7 that reveal the path to true contentment. Despite our tendency to seek contentment in material possessions, education, and power, these things do not guarantee inner peace, happiness, or joy. Instead, we are called to place our trust in God, develop intimacy with Him, and discover genuine contentment through this relationship. The example of Paul the apostle demonstrates that even during imprisonment, one can experience joy and peace when they are a friend of God. Ultimately, we entered this world with nothing and will depart in the same way, so it is wise to focus on eternity and prioritize our relationship with Jesus Christ while letting go of that which is perishable.