The Excel Church, South Croydon

11th December 2022

Phillipians 2:14 – Be Willing Workers

Minister Yinka encourages us to do what we do for god willingly. We have a great example in Jesus, who willingly died on the cross for us, the greatest sacrifice. We are reminded that working for God is a privilege, and we should enjoy doing it. When we work for God, it is not in vain, and we shall eat the fruit. Brethren, let us push even harder, joyfully, also encouraging those who are deflated. Let us work together, praying for passion, zeal and energy to progress the work of God.

4th December 2022

John 13:34-35 – Love One Another Unconditionally

Pastor David explains the new commandment, given by Jesus, to love one another. We see that God's love towards us is unconditional, irrespective of how we behave. This is the kind of love that keeps marriages and homes together. Loving people this way takes away people's shortcomings from the equation, and this is how Jesus wants us to love one another. God himself is the embodiment of love; God is love (1 John 4:8), and this love expects nothing back. This love suffers long (1 Corinthian 13:4), so it does not get short-tempered with us and is kind. Praise God that He does not get short-tempered with us! Brethren, let us follow this commandment and be long-suffering, tolerant and forgiving toward one another.

27th November 2022

Facing The Cost of Living Crisis As A Christian (Pt 6)

Pastor David continues the "cost-of-living" series by first assuring us that what stops our prayers is not sin but unbelief. We see in Hebrews 3:19 and Acts 16:30-31 that faith determines the success of our Christian walk. Sin has been dealt with by Jesus, and there is nothing that can be added to what he has done. The question is, can we believe God when times are hard? Can we believe God's word when what we see challenges what we are believing in? In 2 Kings 7, despite the man of God stating that there was going to be a change for the better, unbelief and limited thinking stopped a lord from believing it possible. Brethren, don't let what you see be your final judgement because what you see can still be moved.

27th November 2022

Genesis 4:1-7 – Routine Check Your Heart

Minister Danielle, through an account of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4, encourages us to routine-check our hearts. We see the difference between a heart that has faith in God and an evil heart of unbelief. We learn that it is possible to do the right thing in the wrong way and what we need to do to check our hearts so we can love God, live in faith and reap the benefits of God's Kingdom.

20th November 2022

Facing The Cost of Living Crisis As A Christian (Pt 5)

Pastor David continues with the series on how to face the cost of living crisis as a Christian. He starts by reminding us that our past, present and future sins have been forgiven, and therefore God is not refusing our prayers because of sin. The hindrance to our prayers is unbelief. Even in this cost of living crisis, we have a God where all things are possible, we need to take the limits of God. Just believe!

20th November 2022

Phil 2: 2-4 – The Unity Among Us

Minister Yinka exhorts us in Phil 2:2-4, encouraging us to be of one mind and to reject pride or anything that destroys our unity. We are also encouraged to be concerned about others and not just mindful of our own issues. Brethren, we have a God who thought of us above all. Let us be like Jesus and love one another, esteeming each other before ourselves and keeping the unity of the brethren.

13th November 2022

Facing The Cost Of Living Crisis As A Christian (Pt 4)

Pastor David continues the series on facing the cost of living crisis as Christians. We are encouraged to have the right mindset, a line we will not cross based on the word, take responsibility for our actions, trust God and wait upon the Lord. This waiting is not what you might think but is a recognition that you are bound and twisted with God. Listen and be blessed!

13th November 2022

No Longer A Sinner

Pastor David explains that we are no longer sinners. This seems a bold and potentially controversial statement but it is in our bibles. Through Christ the compelling nature of sin, that had us enslaved to it, has been removed. Why then do we continue to sin? When we were saved we became,righteous, however, the memory of sin means that if we do not renew our minds we have the propensity to commit sin. The scriptures are clear (Romans 5:18-19) that through one man we became sinners and through one man we became righteous. Brethren, there is nothing we can do to earn this righteousness, instead, we should accept that Jesus gave it to us freely, renew our minds and walk accordingly.

13th November 2022

Galatians 3:27-28 – One Family Clothed In Christ

Minister Emelia reminds us that we are all one and one family in Christ. With this in mind, we should not elevate ourselves above another because we are all clothed with Christ. Brethren, this should eliminate any inferiority complex and stir us to work together in union, recognising that we are all eligible to be used by God.

6th November 2022

Romans 8:15 – Fear Is Bondage!

Pastor David calls out Fear for the identifiable entity that it is - it is a spirit and it is bondage! Romans 8:15 shows us that before Christ we experienced fear but as Christians we should no longer be brought under its bondage. We are encouraged to look Fear in the face, bind it, stand against the thoughts it whispers, and use the word of God against it. Brethren, in Christ we have nothing to fear, therefore we should not be enslaved by it.

6th November 2022

Col 3:1-3 – Shift Your Focus To Things Above

Minister Emelia exhorts us in Colossians 3:1-3, encouraging us to change our focus. Our physical states cannot help us see spiritual matters so we need to engage in spiritual things such as listening to worship and meditating on the word so we can focus on Christ and shift ourselves to where we really belong, which is in Christ. Brethren we are born from above and as Jesus is so we are in this world. Therefore we need to focus on heavenly things, and as we do this we will manifest what we are. This will help us when our natural state challenges our spiritual identity.