The Excel Church, South Croydon

27th June 2021

CV19 – 2 Peter 1: 1 – 3

Minister Patricia continues in 2 Peter, recapping on verse 1 and teaching verses 2 to 3. We learn that peace can only come when we have the right knowledge of God. This comes through intimacy with Him which takes us beyond head knowledge but into experiential knowledge of Him. We also learn that God has given us everything that we need. It is important that we get a revelation of what God has done for us. God has done more than just enable us to meet our daily needs. It goes much beyond that. He has enabled us to live dynamic, transformed lives. Lastly we understand that God has even given us the ability to rightly direct our worship to Him. What an awesome God we belong to! Listen to this powerful teaching and rejoice!

20th June 2021

CV19 – Blessed With All Spiritual Blessings

Pastor David shows us through Eph 1: 3 that we have already been blessed with everything in the spiritual (more superior) realm and that we need to learn how to bring those gifts into the physical realm. Did you know that the faith you have now is what Jesus had? Yes it is true, you just need to know how to release it.

13th June 2021

CV19 – Made A Friend Of God

Pastor David continues to show us through scripture that we are not subject to the law but Jesus has taken our sins away and we are now righteous because of our belief in Him. This righteousness has made us a friend of God. We see how Abraham trusted God and because of this he was made righteous and a friend of God. We also learn how knowing who you are, why you are here and what you are here to do will lead you to understand your purpose.

13th June 2021

CV19 – 1 Peter 5: 11 – 14

Minister Danielle, takes us through the final verses of 1 Peter. We can often skip past the greetings and endings of letters in the bible but within these parts there are still valuable nuggets for our Christian walk. In these final verses we see that the grace of god results in praise, that we should respond to grace by living holy and we should be consistent in our demonstration of love to the brethren.

30th May 2021

CV19 – The ABC Of Applying Scripture To Yourself (Part 2)

Last week Pastor David began to show us, using Jesus as the example, how to know what scriptures apply to believers. Our names are not written in the bible but much of it applies to how we should live our lives. How do we know which parts relate to us? Jesus quoted, from the Old Testament, those parts that related to his (and our) dispensation showing us that not everything written (particularly in the Old Testament) relates to us now. Pastor David also begins to show us how to know what our 'Purpose' is. Purpose is a topic that has been very misunderstood and some believe it should be hyper-specific, but if you can answer just 3 questions, you can find your purpose. Listen, be blessed and be changed.

30th May 2021

CV19 – 1 Peter 5: 6 – 8

Minister Emelia continues our teaching from 1 Peter 5, where we are shown the importance of humility in a believers life. Humility involves giving ourselves completely over to God and casting our cares unto Him. Do you know that when you choose to bare your own cares instead of handing them over to God, you are walking in pride? Yes to do your own thing and not obey God is walking in Pride! We are also reminded that we must be sober, that is to have a stable mind, because the devil is looking for those who are not trusting God but are walking in anxiety and in their own strength. Brethren let us walk in humility, which draws the grace of God. Let us ask the Holy Spirit for help in areas where we need it so we can walk with a stable mind and not be victim to the devil.