The Excel Church, South Croydon

24th October 2021

2 Peter 2:5-6

Minister Emelia continues the teaching of 2 Peter chapter 2. We see examples of God's judgement on the ungodly in the accounts of Noah and his family being the only people saved from the flood and the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. These are used as examples of where God stands in regards to the false prophets mentioned in the earlier verses.

17th October 2021

The Sin Lists

Starting in Romans 1:18, Pastor David goes through the scriptures that itemise various sins and shows us who those scriptures are referring to and their end. Many believers read the word out of context and as such worry that if they fall into a particular sin then they are headed for the lake of fire. Brethren if you are a believer then you are headed for heaven. However, the danger is that if you consistently walk as the unbeliever does then you can become hardened, may not enjoy the kingdom of God and could possibly depart from God due to unbelief. Let us stay way from sin and live according to the righteousness that has been gifted to us.

17th October 2021

2 Peter 2:4 – Which Hell?

Minister Patricia explains to us what the end is for those false prophets who were mixing the word of God with lies, and distinguishes the different mentions of hell in the Bible. We come to understand that if God has punished spiritual beings which are far superior to mankind then how much more will he punish false prophets who seek to mislead others away from the true gospel. We thank Jesus, because as believers, we have been spared from hell. Knowing this let us seek to know God and his goodness and invite others to know him too.

10th October 2021

What Is The Truth?

Pastor David explores the scriptures to show us what the truth is. Many people are searching for the truth, even Pontius Pilot questioned Jesus asking him "What is truth?". Jesus said that he is the way, the truth and the life and we read that Grace and Truth came by Jesus. Brethren if you know Jesus, you know the truth. Listen and be blessed.

10th October 2021

2 Peter 2:1 – 3 – False Prophets

Minister Danielle shows us how Apostle Peter warned the church of False Prophets. Through their greedy desires, these people purposely moulded the true word of God with lies in order to exploit believers so that they would veer away from God. Not only that but their lives were full of lasciviousness and wantoness which their followers mimicked. Brethren let us make sure that we come to God not for what he can do for us but because of who He is, let us also know the word for ourselves so that we cannot be moved by lies.

3rd October 2021

The Presence Of God Is In You

Pastor David reminds us that we are the carriers of God so we do not have to call his presence down. He is not in the Holy of Holies anymore. When Jesus died we received the promise of the Holy Spirit. Even the angels look in awe at us because we are God carriers. Brethren you carry God, you are not on your own. The presence of God is you!

26th September 2021

Under The Influence

The Excel Church advocates abstinence from alcohol, not with a law based mentality but simply because God tells us to not get drunk and there are no scriptures advocating us to drink. After all if you do not drink you cannot get drunk. Pastor David shows us through Ephesians 5:18 - 21 that we are advised not to get drunk (under the influence of alcohol) but instead we should be filled with the Spirit (under the influence of the Spirit). The apostle Paul then shows us how we can come under the influence of the Spirit. When we can make melody in our hearts, be thankful to God and submit to each other in reverence to God, we bring ourselves under the influence of God. This can be done wherever we are. So what will you allow to influence you? I pray brethren you choose the Spirit of God!

19th September 2021

The Law Blotted Out

Pastor David makes it very clear that it is the ordinances of the law, that made one guilty, that were blotted out when Jesus died on the cross. There is scripture upon scripture that shows us that the Law is no longer relevant to us under grace. We cannot establish our own righteousness. Jesus has abolished the law to bring us this wonderful grace which was his intention from the beginning!