The Excel Church, South Croydon

29th March 2022

A Mother’s Day Message for Women

Reading from Ruth 1 vs 1 -18, Pastor David reviews the life of Naomi and how she conducted herself. In particular, detailing how well Naomi showcased Christ in her actions towards her daughter-in-laws; despite her own loss. Naomi’s behaviour, provides insights on traits to avoid and attitudes to adopt - and the positive impact this can have on our relationships with others.

29th March 2022

Nugget: Is my spirit really perfect?

Have you ever thought the Bible contradicts itself? In this nugget, Pastor David demonstrates the importance of understanding scriptures in context. Pastor David confirms that our spirits are perfect; and for eternity, our spirits will never be in need of cleansing. However, an incorrect reading of 2 Cor 7:1, one can wrongly think that we need to work on cleansing our spirits. Listen to this teaching to correctly understand the context of this verse and its relevance.

8th March 2022

How The Parable of the Sower relates to a Hardened Heart

In continuing the Hardened Heart series, Pastor David links Mk 8:17 to the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:18 -20 to explain the second characteristic of a hardened heart. The soil represents our hearts (mind) and the word of God represents the seed. By describing the different types of soil, Pastor David explains how the different conditions of the heart will affect our ability to grow as Christians. This sermon will help you to identify the condition of your heart. It teaches how to both establish roots and how to bear fruits. It emphasises that getting understanding is THE starting point and the most critical part - as our christian walk depends on what we understand.

8th March 2022

2 Peter 3:4-5

In this teaching, Minister Danielle teaches how we can avoid being like the scoffers, described in these verses, who wilfully chose to be ignorant of the truth found in God’s word. Instead, they chose to believe in human theories on creation - as a means of believing that Christ’s second coming will not result in their Judgement. However, when we keep our minds full of God’s word, this will influence out thinking and in turn our behaviour.

1st March 2022

Definition & Development of a Hardened Heart

Building upon previous teachings from Mark Ch 6 & Mark Ch.8, Pastor defines a hardened heart and how in subtle ways a Christian can develop a hardened heart. Additionally, in Matthew 16 verses 1-4 Pastor David shows how a Christian can be overly aware and conscious of things happening in the world, e.g. current affairs, entertainment, etc. A heightened focus on things such as these, diminishes our focus on spiritual things. Pastor David encourages us to get the order of our focus right, by putting spiritual things first.

1st March 2022

2 Peter 3:1-3

In this teaching, Min Danielle shows how the Apostle Peter stirred up the pure mind of the believers by bringing into their remembrance the holy truths that they were previously taught. Also, such stirring helped to ward against Scoffers: those who were throwing doubt about Christ's return. This teaching illustrates that memory affects our thinking powerfully. It plays a key role in the renewal of our minds which leads to transformation of our lives. Similarly, as we keep our minds full of God, this will produce life and peace and help us to draw on the Truth; whilst the world turns more and more to lustful desires - an indication of the end times.

8th February 2022

Does God create individuals with deformities?

In this nugget of truth, Pastor David challenges the erroneous misconception that God deliberately allows people to born with deformities - so that He can later get the glory for healing them. Listen to this teaching taken from John 9:1 -3 to find out the true nature of God in such situations.

2nd February 2022

2 Peter 2 versus 20 – 22

In these verses, Minister Emelia reviews the outcome of false teachers who had once believed and experienced the Truth of the Gospel, but who deliberately went back to their fleshly desires, purely for self gain. Despite once being set apart, they had chosen to entangle themselves again into former fleshly desires & immoral behaviour. Consequently, their intense desires led them to be overcome by sin - a process which happens gradually. They are like animals who return to filth. Their end was far worst than had they not known the truth. This teaching reminds us of the importance of guarding our hearts so that we are able uphold the truth of the gospel and that we address things in our lives that could cause us to gravitate to teachings that feed wrong agendas and/or lustful desires.

2nd February 2022

2 Peter 2 versus 16 – 19

Minister Danielle continues in 2 Peter 2, illustrating vividly how these verses are used to depict the impact of false prophets. In the story of Balaam, God had to speak through a donkey to restrain Balaam from his intent to curse the children of Israel - because he was fuelled by the lust of riches. Minister Danielle, also shows how ungodly teachers use loud, vain words and teachings to lure and impress - but their words are without substance. These false prophets are like wells without water - who do not edify, restrict the visibility of Truth, and who are devoid of the Holy Spirit ,they often leave you in a worst state. In contrast to Holy Spirit who is like "a well of water of water springing up to everlasting life." (John 4:14). The teaching reinforces the importance of us knowing the word of God for ourselves, so that we are not easily deceived.

16th January 2022

Hardened Heart: Characteristics of a Hardened Heart

In this teaching, taken from Mk. 6:30-40, Pastor David shows us how Jesus advocated for rest, for himself and his disciples. However, it should be noted that Jesus was also moved with compassion. Thus, when he saw there was a spiritual need, He chose to prioritise meeting the spiritual needs that He saw and encountered.

16th January 2022

Summary of 2 Peter 2 versus 1-15 An Overview

Minister Patricia gives a whistle stop review of the previous teachings on 2 Peter 2 vs 1-15. The overview summaries the nature, behaviour and cunning practices of the False Prophets and the ensuing consequences of their unrighteous acts. We are warned to be wary of false teachers, whose teachings are deliberately targeted to appeal to fleshly desires; with the sole purpose of exploiting others for personal gain. 
An understanding of such practices along with knowing God and His word for ourselves, will go a long way in helping us to not fall prey to false teachers and the ‘rewards of unrighteousness’, which is judgement.