The Excel Church, South Croydon

18th December 2022

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Min D explains why we celebrate Christmas. If we can celebrate the Queen's birthday or that of Martin Luther King, then it is more than fitting to celebrate Jesus, who became his own creation to save humanity. The one who created all the elements and even time itself made himself restricted by his creation all to save us! We celebrate the birth of our saviour because of his huge act of humility and love. He deserves all the glory and the praise!

26th June 2022

Who Is Worthy To Open The Book?

Pastor David sets the scene of Revelation 5: 1-8, the magnificence and power of God seated on His throne in Heaven. He is so powerful that none of the angelic beings, neither the elders or any man was worthy to touch even the book in His hand. Only one was qualified to open the book and that was Jesus. Brethren that same Jesus is the one who lives in us, it is Him in us that makes us worthy! What power and majesty he has, so what problem can we have that He cannot solve?

10th October 2021

What Is The Truth?

Pastor David explores the scriptures to show us what the truth is. Many people are searching for the truth, even Pontius Pilot questioned Jesus asking him "What is truth?". Jesus said that he is the way, the truth and the life and we read that Grace and Truth came by Jesus. Brethren if you know Jesus, you know the truth. Listen and be blessed.

26th June 2022

We Must Walk by Faith

Pastor David reminds us that as believers we have used our faith to receive the greatest gift of salvation. We need to use this same faith to live out our lives. However, for some reason we switch of our faith and carnally walk out our lives relying on what we can see, touch and hear. God calls those things that are not as though they are, this is the God kind of faith. Brethren consider not the natural report but be fully persuaded in the power of God.

23rd October 2022

We Are The House Of God

Pastor reminds us that all believers are the house of God and that wherever we go we bring God with us. We are special! If we really understand that we are the habitation of God, it should bring us confidence and divine security. This should eliminate the fear of the enemy and his empty roars. Pastor David also re-iterates that the word of God is the divinely inspired word and by doing the bible, you are doing the will of God.

22nd November 2019

We Are Much More Loved

Minister Emelia reminds us again just how we are much more loved when we accept what Christ has done for us and become born again. Is this favouritism towards us on God's part? No, instead having accepted what God has done for us we put ourselves in the position of being much more loved. Listen and accept just how much You are loved!

4th July 2022

We Are A Chosen Generation

Minister Yinka, shines light on our identity in Christ. As believers we are a special people, we are royalty, a chosen generation. Nothing should hold us bound because we have Jesus, the precious stone within us. Brethren be encouraged! The one that others rejected, you have accepted and have become automatically qualified to be set aside for greatness!