The Excel Church, South Croydon

4th July 2022

We Are A Chosen Generation

Minister Yinka, shines light on our identity in Christ. As believers we are a special people, we are royalty, a chosen generation. Nothing should hold us bound because we have Jesus, the precious stone within us. Brethren be encouraged! The one that others rejected, you have accepted and have become automatically qualified to be set aside for greatness!

26th June 2022

We Must Walk by Faith

Pastor David reminds us that as believers we have used our faith to receive the greatest gift of salvation. We need to use this same faith to live out our lives. However, for some reason we switch of our faith and carnally walk out our lives relying on what we can see, touch and hear. God calls those things that are not as though they are, this is the God kind of faith. Brethren consider not the natural report but be fully persuaded in the power of God.

26th June 2022

Who Is Worthy To Open The Book?

Pastor David sets the scene of Revelation 5: 1-8, the magnificence and power of God seated on His throne in Heaven. He is so powerful that none of the angelic beings, neither the elders or any man was worthy to touch even the book in His hand. Only one was qualified to open the book and that was Jesus. Brethren that same Jesus is the one who lives in us, it is Him in us that makes us worthy! What power and majesty he has, so what problem can we have that He cannot solve?

26th June 2022

Set Free From Traditions of Men

Minister Emelia exhorts from 1 Peter 1:18 and reminds us that we have been set free with a high price, Jesus' death, to reconcile us back to God. We have been set free from traditions, cultural values and societal morals that may be influencing our lifestyle and we need to consider what is motivating us, what is our life established upon? Are we motivated by the Word or traditions (vain conversations)? Brethren we have been elevated to the "Jesus way", let this be the foundation from which all our decisions and motivations come from, let us fully embrace our Identity and life in Christ.

19th June 2022

Call No Man Father?

This Father's Day, Pastor David encourages fathers to come under the greatest of all fathers. The one who has all authority, supremacy and power. The men are reminded that in order to be a great father to their children they need the influence of God the father, who loves them and their children more than they do. This was a message for the men but can be applied to all! Brethren let no one but God have authority and influence over your life.

12th June 2022

The Cure For The Hardened Heart (Part 2) – Consider Not..

Pastor David recaps on last weeks message on Faith and Hope, linking it to our series on the Hardened Heart and the cure for it. We learn that when Abraham had no natural hope, he relied on Supernatural hope to see the promise of a son materialise. Abraham considered not what he saw with his natural eyes! Brethren if you want your heart not to harden consider not the facts. Does that mean you are to be in denial? No but it is to understand that facts can change and are superseded by the truth in the Word of God.

12th June 2022

1 Peter 1:2 – Embrace Being Elect

Minister Emelia encourages us to embrace the fact that we are the Elect as stated in 1 Peter 1:3. We are reminded of what being elect means biblically and how God does not use his foreknowledge to determine those who are chosen. We are encouraged to challenge our thoughts and know who we are in Christ, it will change the way we approach situations and such knowledge can only multiply grace and peace unto our lives.

5th June 2022

Hope & Faith

Brethren this is not one to miss! Pastor David eloquently describes the relationship between Hope and Faith and the difference between Natural Hope and Supernatural Hope. Hope is the important element of Faith, it is seeing inside what you cannot physically see outside. It can be defined as your positive imagination which brings you to realising your desire and fulfilling the outcome of Faith. We learn that whilst expressing our faith (act of believing) we should be filled with joy and peace. If we are experiencing the contrary then we are not operating in faith but unbelief. Listen to this message over and over until you get it, as this will move you from hoping for things with failure in mind to hoping and seeing desires manifested!