The Excel Church, South Croydon

25th July 2021

Like Honey And Oil

Pastor David lays the foundation for today's message by explaining that what Jesus did once, had eternal repercussions. With this knowledge we understand the significance of Moses striking the rock for a second and third time and the consequences of doing that. We also learn that the Holy Spirit is honey and oil to our life when we let him have his rightful place in it. Lastly we understand that disobedience is us basically saying that God is nothing to us. Let us take God at his word, obey him and let his glory be revealed.

18th July 2021

CV19 – God Never Leaves The Favoured

Pastor David reminds us that obedience to God's word helps us to render good service to Him. We are also shown that God knows our name and that grace, favour, his continual presence and rest have been provided for those that belong to God. We see that even Moses, an old testament man of God was promised these things in Exodus 33:10-14. Listen and be blessed!

11th July 2021

CV19 – Look At His Word Not His Back

Pastor David shows that it is possible to know your purpose and still miss it. We see this through the life of Moses who knew his purpose but did not get into the promise land! Imagine, he knew that he was meant to deliver the people of Israel, so much so that before his allotted time he "rescued" one of his brethren which resulted in him lengthening the time that his brethren were enslaved. Lastly although he was a friend of God and had even had sight of God's back parts, he did not follow instruction and as a result did not enter the promised land. We also learn the significance of Moses' disobedience in striking the rock instead of speaking to it.

11th July 2021

CV19 – 2 Peter 1: 4-7

Minister Danielle continues in 2 Peter and encourages us to lavishly develop and exercise the godly characteristics and fruit mentioned in these verses. We are not to approach this as an exercise where we start with one on the list and then add each characteristic or fruit in a particular order. Instead we are to make effort by drawing on the Holy Spirit to manifest all the characteristics. This is not work, but a commitment to see the manifestation of what already exists in the Spirit within us....great and precious promises.

4th July 2021

CV19 – Only Be Thou Strong And Very Courageous

Pastor David encourages us to be bold and courageous even in the face of trouble because at the end of that trouble is victory. 2 Cor 2:14 says that God always causes us to triumph. This is something to celebrate brethren, what a promise. So don't let trouble spoil your day instead rejoice because Jesus has overcome the world. We learn that Joshua was mentioned as a man of faith in Hebrews 11 despite faith not being mentioned once in the book of Joshua. Instead the command to be bold and courageous was given to him, indicating that to do so is to release faith. We also learn the reason for meditation now we are in the dispensation of grace. Listen and be encouraged that if you can just face trouble with boldness and courage you will be the winner because you have the winner within you!

27th June 2021

CV19 – Be Of Good Cheer

Pastor David shows us that no matter what we go through, no matter what presents itself to us that seems negative we can be confident and courageous. No trouble should make us lose our sleep. God has been so good to us, He has even taken the sting of death away from those that believe in Him. Yes brethren even your death matters to God! Listen and be encouraged by the truth.