The Excel Church, South Croydon

13th November 2022

Facing The Cost Of Living Crisis As A Christian (Pt 4)

Pastor David continues the series on facing the cost of living crisis as Christians. We are encouraged to have the right mindset, a line we will not cross based on the word, take responsibility for our actions, trust God and wait upon the Lord. This waiting is not what you might think but is a recognition that you are bound and twisted with God. Listen and be blessed!

13th November 2022

No Longer A Sinner

Pastor David explains that we are no longer sinners. This seems a bold and potentially controversial statement but it is in our bibles. Through Christ the compelling nature of sin, that had us enslaved to it, has been removed. Why then do we continue to sin? When we were saved we became,righteous, however, the memory of sin means that if we do not renew our minds we have the propensity to commit sin. The scriptures are clear (Romans 5:18-19) that through one man we became sinners and through one man we became righteous. Brethren, there is nothing we can do to earn this righteousness, instead, we should accept that Jesus gave it to us freely, renew our minds and walk accordingly.

13th November 2022

Galatians 3:27-28 – One Family Clothed In Christ

Minister Emelia reminds us that we are all one and one family in Christ. With this in mind, we should not elevate ourselves above another because we are all clothed with Christ. Brethren, this should eliminate any inferiority complex and stir us to work together in union, recognising that we are all eligible to be used by God.

6th November 2022

Romans 8:15 – Fear Is Bondage!

Pastor David calls out Fear for the identifiable entity that it is - it is a spirit and it is bondage! Romans 8:15 shows us that before Christ we experienced fear but as Christians we should no longer be brought under its bondage. We are encouraged to look Fear in the face, bind it, stand against the thoughts it whispers, and use the word of God against it. Brethren, in Christ we have nothing to fear, therefore we should not be enslaved by it.

6th November 2022

Col 3:1-3 – Shift Your Focus To Things Above

Minister Emelia exhorts us in Colossians 3:1-3, encouraging us to change our focus. Our physical states cannot help us see spiritual matters so we need to engage in spiritual things such as listening to worship and meditating on the word so we can focus on Christ and shift ourselves to where we really belong, which is in Christ. Brethren we are born from above and as Jesus is so we are in this world. Therefore we need to focus on heavenly things, and as we do this we will manifest what we are. This will help us when our natural state challenges our spiritual identity.

30th October 2022

Romans 8:6-7 – Doing The Word Gives You Peace

Pastor David passionately encourages us to believe in what God has already done and the directives in His word. We are reminded of Romans 8:6-7 which tells us that if we are carnally minded we will always be in conflict with God becoming an unwilling enemy to God, because of the mind. Brethren let us be spiritually minded so that we will have peace.

30th October 2022

Romans 8:1 – You Are Fit For Use!

Pastor David explains Romans 8:1 which states that "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." We learn that the condemnation refers to not being fit for use, like a condemned building. Therefore the scripture is saying that those under grace should not accept being told that they are not fit for use! Brethren listen and be set free! In Christ, if you fail, try again because you are one with Christ. Reject everything that is telling you that you are not good enough, shut the mouth of the devil and tell him to be quiet!

30th October 2022

1 Peter 3:11 – Run From Evil, Do Good & Pursue Peace

Minister Yinka encourages us to seek peace always because we are children of light. We are reminded that we should not be associated with anything evil, to run away from it and to do good, especially to our brethren in the faith and seek peace. Brethren, as Christians we should not be the ones that unbelievers are looking at as fighters and contentious people instead we should be examples to humankind!

23rd October 2022

We Are The House Of God

Pastor reminds us that all believers are the house of God and that wherever we go we bring God with us. We are special! If we really understand that we are the habitation of God, it should bring us confidence and divine security. This should eliminate the fear of the enemy and his empty roars. Pastor David also re-iterates that the word of God is the divinely inspired word and by doing the bible, you are doing the will of God.