The Excel Church, South Croydon

22nd May 2022

The Causes of A Hardened Heart (Part 2)

Pastor David continues to show us the causes of a hardened heart. We learn that unbelief is one of the causes, and how unbelief can lead to sin, which itself is also a cause of a hardened heart. If sin is allowed into one's heart it can become a habit and then a yoke. Brethren let us take care to practise those things that will keep our hearts open, yielding and willing towards God!

15th May 2022

Do We Make Void The Law Through Faith?

Pastor David shows us how to answer a person who believes that the Law (of Moses) is applicable to believers today. Romans 3:31 states "Do we then make void the law through faith? yea, we establish the law". Does this mean the Law is still applicable today? How is the Law the ministration of death (2 Corinthians 3:7) but still established? Does the bible contradict itself? The quick answer is "No". We learn that there is a lawful way to use the Law but that is in regard to unbelievers (1 Tim 1:8-9). Jesus fulfilled the Law and it is done away with for those who are in Him. Listen and free yourself from the Law mentality. Believer you are under grace and for this you should rejoice!

10th May 2022

The Causes of a Hardened Heart

Reading from Mark 6:52 and Prov 4:23 - Pastor David explains why people have hardened hearts by providing two examples of how hardened hearts develop and how we can prevent this from happening. Pastor David makes it very clear that our lives follows what we allow to dominate our hearts and encourages us to guard it with all diligence - as our lives manifest how we have been thinking.

10th May 2022

Nugget: Saved by Grace Through Faith

In this nugget, taken from Eph. 2:8-12 and Titus 2: 11-15, Pastor David illustrates that the combination of Grace AND faith has saved us; and this faith is a gift from God, through Jesus. Recognising that everything God has done for us is because of Christ Jesus, the combination of Grace and Faith should be seen in balance in our Christian walk - enabling our lives to showcase Christ.

10th May 2022

2 Peter 3 vs 17-18

2 Peter 3:17-18 In these last two verses of our Study of 2 Peter 3, Min. Emelia explains Peter’s final warning by showing us the importance of 'being on guard' in our minds. Illustrating that this is achieved by (i) rejecting and removing ourselves from anything that does not line up to the word of God and (ii) growing in our knowledge of Christ and the grace that He has bestowed upon us.

3rd May 2022

Understanding Leads to Transformation

Reading further from Mark 8:17-21, Pastor David illustrates that Jesus rebuked the disciples for their lack of understanding - distinguishing the differences between remembering vs understanding. This message, reveals the important role that understanding plays in transforming our lives. A life that remains unchanged by the Word reveals there's a lack of understanding.

26th April 2022

Am I thinking Right?

Beginning with Genesis 3:6-7, Pastor David demonstrates how our thoughts influences whether we see things - spiritually or carnally and the importance of ‘seeing from your heart.’ Further, Pastor David, also explains Mark 8:17-21, showing that a hardened heart can lead to accumulated knowledge without a changed life; and how best to address such a condition.

26th April 2022

2 Peter 3 vs 12-13

In these verses, Minister Emelia teaches us that we are to expect and wait earnestly for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is something that we, as believers, can look forward to. Hence, we should consciously keep our minds upon things above instead of being focused on earthly things - as they will surely melt away. Yet a beautiful, much better and permanent heavenly home awaits us - and this is where our focus should be!

12th April 2022

The Positive Impact of Naomi’s Life on Ruth – Part 3

This message, concludes the review of the life of Naomi. Taken from Ruth 1 versus 8 -15, Pastor David highlights how Ruth’s life was positively influenced because of Naomi’s spiritual virtues. Also, from Ruth’s decision to stay with Naomi, Pastor David details five notable steps that one can take to change one’s life.

12th April 2022

2 Peter 3:10-11

Minister Patricia provides a brief context of the chain of events surrounding the Day of the Lord - detailing the impact this will have on the physical world, believers and unbelievers. Apostle Peter's letter to the church remains relevant and reminds us that this world is temporary and will pass away. Whilst, also forewarning of the necessity of being intentional in keeping our focus on what is eternal and, in seeking God's kingdom first.