The Excel Church, South Croydon

15th January 2023

1 Cor 11:20-34 – The Lord’s Supper

Pastor David explains the meaning of 1 Cor 11: 20-34 verse by verse. We are shown that Paul addressed how the Corinthian church approached the Lord's supper, seeing it as food rather than a representation of Christ's broken body that should be used to bless the believer's physical body. They were eating unworthily, and we learn the difference between that and being unworthy.

15th January 2023

Matt 7:7-8 – We Have Received It In The Spirit Realm

Matt 7:7-8 says that if you ask, you will receive. Have you requested and not received? Are you wondering what is missing? Pastor David shows us that everything has already been given to us, but as spiritual beings, it has been provided in spiritual form. We now must learn to bring what we have received into the physical realm. How do we do this? It is by our faith.

15th January 2023

1 Thes 5:18 – In Everything Give Thanks To God

Minister D shows us that God can still be glorified despite the situation or circumstance. 1 Thes 5:18 directs us to give thanks in everything, not for everything; this calls us to be spiritually minded, not led by emotions or feelings but doing as the word says. It is God's will for us to be thankful; therefore, it must benefit us. Col 2:6-7 shows us that thanking God keeps us rooted and grounded in Christ and should be our default position as spiritual beings. We see in Rom 4:20 that Abraham glorifying God held him firm in his faith and belief. Brethren, if being thankful keeps us strong in faith and faith is what is required to release our blessings, then let us live a life full of thanksgiving to God!

8th January 2023

The Prayer Of The Righteous

This Prayer Sunday, Pastor David shows us that our prayers are effective because we are the righteous people of God. This righteousness is based on what Jesus has done and not because of any goodness within ourselves. The righteousness that we have been given is far superior to that obtained by the law. We are shown that Elijah had the less superior law-based righteousness, yet he could stop it from raining. How much more us who have the highest level of righteousness? Why are we not stopping the rain? Brethren, We need to add earnest prayer with determination and vigour to our righteousness. We must also believe and declare God's word in faith until we see results. Finally, we are reminded to bind what we don't want and loose what we do want, into our lives. Let us enforce what Jesus has already done, we are more than conquerors, and we have the backing of heaven!

1st January 2023

Luke 2:25-35 – What Has God Promised You?

Pastor David continues the message from Christmas day. He shows us in Luke 2:25-35 that answered prayer is a comfort. God has already said "Yes" to us concerning all those thing he has promised. It is up to us to release our faith to bring those promises into our reality. We see that Simeon received his promise in the temple and not only did he see Jesus but he got to hold Him. Brethren, in 2023 may you hear the word that changes your life and not only will you see your joy but you will touch it!

31st December 2022

Mark 11: 1 – 10 – An Unbroken Colt

Before the main message, Pastor David encourages us to have the correct mindset going into 2023 and reminds us that it is not what we think about but how we think that really matters. Only a change of mind can result in a change of life. We are also encouraged to treat others the way we want to be treated. Finally, Pastor David shows us in Mark 11, through the account of Jesus entering Jerusalem on an unbroken colt, that we will be celebrated when we focus on Jesus.

31st December 2022

Matthew 1 : 23 – God With Us

Minister Emelia reminds us how blessed we are to have Jesus as our focus as we enter the new year. We reflect on how God, the supreme being who sustains all things, is God with us at all times. He is not far away but dwells in all believers. He has chosen to make us his house. We can talk to him whenever we want to; his presence is always with us. Brethren, reflecting on God in us can do so many marvellous things in our life so let Him be your focus!

18th December 2022

Facing The Cost of Living Crisis As A Christian (Pt 8)

Pastor David continues the series on the Cost of Living Crisis. We see that it is time to do something different from what we have been doing if we want a change. In 2 Kings 7:1-3, we see that two lepers look at their options and realise that they need to take a different step to make a change, not knowing that this is their miracle. We learn from this that we should try and do what we have not done before in faith. God has said whatever we lay our hands to do will work for us. Brethren, let 2023 be the year you venture out in faith, even if you make mistakes along the way, it will be your miracle.

18th December 2022

Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Min D explains why we celebrate Christmas. If we can celebrate the Queen's birthday or that of Martin Luther King, then it is more than fitting to celebrate Jesus, who became his own creation to save humanity. The one who created all the elements and even time itself made himself restricted by his creation all to save us! We celebrate the birth of our saviour because of his huge act of humility and love. He deserves all the glory and the praise!

11th December 2022

Facing The Cost of Living Crisis As A Christian (Pt 7)

Pastor David continues the "cost-of-living" series by asking us, "whose report will we believe?". In Matt 22:29, Jesus said that men make mistakes because they do not know the power of God or the scriptures. When we face challenges, if we know God, it is His report we will believe rather than that of the experts. In Joshua 6:1-5 we see that God defeated a city by having the Israelite army march around and then shout! It did not make sense to the natural mind, but the city was conquered by following God's instruction. There is nothing our God cannot do. Let us believe God rather than "experts", no matter what it looks like; look for God's way in every situation, and there will be a testimony.