No? – I Don’t Think So

This evening I was watching a program called “million dollar weddings”, the Wedding Planner said that because her clients are very rich and have been brought up getting what they want, when they make their demands they expect them to happen. They wouldn’t understand why what they have asked cannot be done. As a result, the wedding planner never said “no” to her clients. “No” was a foreign word to them.

This made me think, as children of God why is it that we accept less than God’s promises? Why do we accept sickness, lack or disappointment? Why do we accept strife, failures and trouble as normal? Why do we accept the devil’s “no”?

We are children of God and we have everything that pertains to life and godliness. We have access to more than those billionaire clients, because we have the God of creation residing within us.

Recently Pastor David encouraged us to curse the root of everything that stands against the truth of God’s word in our lives. When Jesus saw that the fig tree presented itself as if it had fruit but did not, Jesus cursed it and within a day it shrivelled from the root.

It is time that we change our mindset. Anything contrary, to the promises of God, in our lives should be foreign to us.

I am fed up with living in a strange land so I am taking my passport, the Word of God; I am packing and moving to where I really belong, in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. I am changing my language from speaking those things I see, to speaking those things unseen.

Anyone want to join me?


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