The enemy will constantly try and attack our identity, which keeps us walking around in circles as frustrated Christians. When you know who you are, when you realise that you have been made a little lower than God himself, when you really believe what the bible says about you this empowers you and forces you to reach for the manifestation of God’s promises.

Now that I know who I am in Christ, `I am no longer satisfied with the humdrum of daily earthly life. I have called myself to order. I must decrease so that the Spirit of God can move freely. I must die to self, stop trying to be logical, stop reasoning and allow the Spirit to take control. I must allow God’s word to be above every argument or opinion. I must walk by faith and not by sight. I must be Spirit led.

Whilst meditating on these things and the recent teachings about being twisted with God, I was inspired to write the following poem. I hope it blesses you and serves as a reminder of who you are in Christ so that when the enemy comes with his lies you are able to recognise them as such.

When you look at me what do you see?
An ordinary girl? but I know my identity
Not only do I have God living in me,
I am entwined with His very nature, I am He

When I feel tired and think I can’t do more
I remember I am like an Eagle and like Him I can soar
He is never weary, never tired, never weak and never poor
I am entwined with His very nature
I don’t need a key I have an open door

I am a son, I am an heir, I am greater than John
I am greater than even Moses and mightier than Samson.
I am richer than Abraham, wiser than Solomon
I am entwined with His very nature, because I love the Son

I am anointed, I have power and great authority
I choose to use this knowledge to change lives around me
I’ll heal the sick, I’ll raise the dead, I’ll set the captives free
I am entwined with His very nature for all eternity
I am entwined with His very nature
Alpha Omega, The one who is three

Sis Paula


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