What Are You Focusing On?

What are you focusing on? The boisterous wind, troubles and cares of life, Or the goodness of God? I have been reflecting on the teaching on the hardened heart, and what springs to mind is the Shunamite woman. A demonstration of courage, boldness, and the right focus. Ok, so she was faced with a situation … Continue reading “What Are You Focusing On?”

God’s Business

Recently, at a church meeting for Heads of Departments, it was impressed upon us that we should treat what we do for God as we do our businesses or employment.  This caused me to really reflect on what that should look like…. When I get ready for work I prepare my clothes the night before, … Continue reading “God’s Business”

Labour Not To Labour

In your Christian walk are you finding that you are stressed, thinking about all the issues you are facing? Maybe you are becoming anxious about the future or stuck in your past and cannot see the outcome you are looking for. You know what the word says but you are just not experiencing it. You … Continue reading “Labour Not To Labour”

No? – I Don’t Think So

This evening I was watching a program called “million dollar weddings”, the Wedding Planner said that because her clients are very rich and have been brought up getting what they want, when they make their demands they expect them to happen. They wouldn’t understand why what they have asked cannot be done. As a result, … Continue reading “No? – I Don’t Think So”


The enemy will constantly try and attack our identity, which keeps us walking around in circles as frustrated Christians. When you know who you are, when you realise that you have been made a little lower than God himself, when you really believe what the bible says about you this empowers you and forces you … Continue reading “Identity”

The Truth About Our Emotions


Hello friends, I attended the first Excel Women’s breakfast on Saturday.  It was a wonderful way to spend the morning / early afternoon with good food and great company but most importantly valuable teaching – a clear and comprehensive guide through the truth about our emotions and I want to share some of the highlights … Continue reading “The Truth About Our Emotions”